Lipno Dam is 42 km long and 8 km wide. It lies at an altitude of 725 m above sea level. Near the Lipno river there is the Schwarzenberg Canal, an old waterworks of the Šumava, around which there is a cycle path. The first written mention of

Horní Planá dates back to 1332. In 1349 Horní Planá was Emperor Charles IV. promoted to township.


The surroundings of Horní Planá offer ideal conditions for mushroom picking. Sumava forests are a real paradise for mushroom pickers. Since there are no industrial enterprises in the area, forest land is not polluted. Mushrooms grow at any time of year. However, the true mushroom season starts at the end of summer and lasts for the whole autumn. You will find right-handed mushrooms, dry-foals, blacksmith mushrooms, plenty of „fox muchrooms“, masks and silvers mushrooms, Cossacks and other gems.


Lipno is an important place for recreational stays near water and sport fishing. In the spring, it offers plenty of fishing opportunities. Fishing has been associated with the South Bohemian region since time immemorial. Even the Lipno Dam is visited by many Czech and Austrian fishermen every year, and often when they catch a real catch. You can also buy a fishing permit in Horní Planá. Fishing ponds also offer private ponds nearby. We and the children like to go to Černá v Pošumaví, where we pull one sivena after another on a private pond without allowances.


Horní Planá boasts an extensive network of cycle paths and is connected to the Šumava cyclo- highway. Thanks to its location within the Šumava National Park and close to the Boletice Military Area, it offers unspoiled nature, with a beautiful lake and a number of enchanting views of the landscape with picturesque corners. The newest bike trail lines the water surface of Lipno from the beach in Horní Planá to the mountains and connects to the existing trail to Nová Pec. The surface is perfectly flat and therefore suitable for families with children.


On horseback in the nature - the length of the ride according to the customer, most often hourly. You can ride horses Hafl ing, which has a very calm nature and a certain step in the camp U Kukačků, which is less than a kilometer away.


Also, golf has been associated with Šumava and its surroundings for a long time. Not far from Horní Planá, there are several perfectly groomed courses that work from spring to autumn. There is a golf course Svachova Lhotka in the beautiful South Bohemian countryside near Český Krumlov, on the Austrian side it is a golf course near the Bavarian Forest National Park and a well-known playground in Hluboká nad Vltavou near České Budějovice.


Exploring the Šumava National Park from the river level will enhance the magic of beautiful nature. You can take the undemanding 10 km route Pěkná - Nová Pec. The section merges with no limits. In the section Soumarský most - Pěkná - here the number of vessels is limited, it is subject to the rules, which follow the minimum level of the Vltava.


It is the most beautiful sandy beach in Lipno. You can rent pedal boats, boats and bikes here. The area includes a beach volleyball court, minigolf, petanque and bike rental. There is a social background with showers and refreshments.


The Hochficht ski resort is located on the Austrian side of the Bohemian Forest, 39 km from Horní Planá. For many years, locals have been offering winter packages that include a five-day ski pass, half board accommodation and a bus service directly to the resort. Judge for yourself - 10 cable cars, over 20 km of artificial snow slopes from easy to challenging at an altitude of up to 1,338 meters above sea level, and last but not least the kids’ Kids Park, Snowpark, Boardercross and Eventarena, more info directly on the site below.


Ski Resort Lipno - Kramolin is 899 meters above sea level. It is a modern ski resort focused mainly on families with children, beginners and school ski courses. It is 28 km from Horní Planá. The main advantages are: fast transport on new modern four-chair lifts, night skiing, ski lessons for children from 3 years. Complete facilities for skiers directly at the cable car (rental, parking, ski service).


Schöneben is a large cross-country ski area with high snow security and almost daily grooming. It is located on the border with Austria and around Hochficht at an altitude of about 1000 m.n.m. In the Schöneben cross-country ski area you will find a 78 km long network of cross-country tracks for classic style and skating.


The Lipno Dam regularly freezes from December to March. Ice skating on the frozen surface is one of the most popular winter activities, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the Czech Republic and abroad. In Horní Planá there is regularly maintained skating track in the length of 10 km.


The wooded peak of Kleť (1084 m) is the highest point of the Blanský Forest. On the top there is an observatory, a television transmitter (170 m), a mountain chalet and a stone lookout tower, built by Prince Joseph Jan Nepomuk of Schwarzenberg in 1825. The observation tower is 18 m high and under favorable conditions it opens a beautiful panoramic view of part of Šumava, Budějovicko, Novohradské mountains, nuclear power plant Temelín and if the weather is really clear, you can see the panorama of the Alps.


Lipno - Lipno Dam is a waterworks built on the Vltava River between 1952 and 1959. Its area is the largest dam in the Czech Republic. Lipno is an important place for recreational stays near water and sport fishing. It offers a wide range of fishing and hiking opportunities. Fishing has been associated with the South Bohemian region since time immemorial. Even the Lipno Dam is visited by many Czech and Austrian fishermen every year, and often when they catch a real catch.


As early as 1858, the Boubín Forest was declared a protected area and is thus the third oldest Czech nature reserve. In the past, the forest used to be a frequently visited place. Every year more than a hundred thousand visitors found their way here.

Plešné Lake

Plešné Lake is one of the most visited places in Šumava. The moraine dam is 30-40 m high, the stone sea descends up to 150 m below the lake. The glacial boiler (kar) is recessed into the northeast slope of the highest mountain on the Czech side of the Šumava Plechý.


The Hochficht area around the Lipno Dam is an important tusiristic destination even in winter. In addition to the beautiful snowy nature, tourists also discover excellent slopes and cross-country trails. As for skiing Lipno offers a lot.

The Bear Trail

The Bear Trail is an important tourist marked trail in Šumava. It is 14 km long and its extreme points are Ovesná and Černý Kříž. It has yellow markings and 6375.


Moldaublick is a lookout tower built in 1968 in Austria on the Sulzberg Mountain (1045 meters above sea level). From the observation tower there is a beautiful view of Horní Planá, Černá in Pošumaví, Smrčina. The best way to get to Moldaublick is by transport from Horní Planá.


Stožecká Chapel - The Chapel of the Virgin Mary - a wooden pilgrimage chapel was founded in 1791 under a defunct castle, due to the healing effects of the local spring and the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, it was sought by pilgrims from Bohemia and nearby Bavor.


Vítkův kámen is a ruin of a Gothic castle situated on the same peak of Vítkův kámen on the right bank of the Lipno Dam, above the village of Svatý Tomáš. It is the highest ruin in the Czech Republic and is 1035 m.

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